Toddler Led Toileting

Do you have a toddler who you think might be ready to start using the potty or toilet? Would you like to know the signs of readiness? How to start and know how to cope when you have setbacks?

Join this 2 hour workshop and find out how to follow your toddler’s lead for an easier time in starting toileting. Just like with starting solids, there are ‘signs of readiness’ to watch out for. This workshop will help you to know when is a good time to start and how to support your child, not impose it on them. You will also learn the five simple principles to make the process easier, and give your child a positive sense of their body and what it does.

This workshop includes:

  • Signs of readiness
  • How to get started
  • What you need when out and about
  • Information for night time
  • Equipment
  • Common issues and questions

The workshop is suitable for one or two parents/carers of a toddler from 18 months upwards and you can attend with or without your little one.

Workshop Details

Dates Available:
Saturday 27 July
Saturday 21 September
Saturday 19 October
Saturday 14 December

Cost: £25
Time: 11 – 1pm

Workshop Details (Online)

Dates Available:
Monday 22 July
Monday 23 September
Monday 25 November

Cost: £20
Time: 7- 9pm