The Urge To Push

Giving birth in the main is actually an involuntary bodily function, so similar to the action of vomiting, sneezing, going for a poo or reaching orgasm. You don’t have to push your vomit out of you, it just happens, just like other reflexes. Or perhaps you have heard someone say “I didn’t even push, my body just took over and my baby just came out”? What they are describing is their body involuntary pushing. As a baby’s head presses on the receptors in the cervix and later in the vagina, the brain receives the signal to release more oxytocin. This oxytocin surge then triggers the strong, expulsive contractions that help your body to push out your baby.


But is this always the case or do some women have to put more effort into pushing? There could be a few possible variations:

Your body does all the work and perhaps you really do just breath a baby out

Your body makes you involuntary push your baby out. You are aware of it, but you have very little control of it

You feel a lot of pressure, and you feel like you want/need to push/bear down. Pushing voluntarily with the urges feels much better and more productive than NOT pushing with the urges.

You might also feel the benefit of making yourself bear down which might actually have a positive effect on helping a baby to rotate into a more ideal position to be born.

The one thing that shouldn’t really be happening though is someone yelling at you to PUSSSHHH if you and the baby are both well rather than leaving you to follow your own instincts.



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