Starting Solids Workshop

Are you thinking about starting to give baby their first foods? Are you feeling unsure about knowing when your baby is ready? Want to know the differences between baby led weaning and traditional weaning?

Join this 2 hour workshop offering ways to help you introduce solid food to your baby. We talk about knowing when your baby is ready, how to safely prepare foods and how to make this transition easy and enjoyable.

One or two parents/carers can attend this workshop with or without their baby.

This workshop includes:

  • How to spot signs of readiness
  • Information on baby led weaning, spoon feeding and how to combine approaches
  • Menu ideas and recipes
  • Handouts with nutritional information
  • Private Facebook group to ask questions, get support and additional benefits
  • Ongoing support from Tara until baby is 12 months

The workshop is suitable for one or two parents/carers of babies from 3-7 months and you can attend with or without your baby. Whatever ways you are choosing to approach weaning your baby all choices are welcome.

Baby eating solid food

Workshop Details

Dates Available:
Saturday 9 March
Saturday 18 May
Saturday 27 July
Saturday 7 September
Saturday 2 November

Cost: £25
Time: 11am – 1.30pm

Workshop Details (Online)

Dates Available:
Wednesday 24 April
Wednesday 5 June
Wednesday 9 October
Wednesday 18 December

Cost: £25
Time: 11am – 1.30pm