Nurtured Next Baby Workshop

Having your next baby and adding to your family it is understandable that you feel a mixture of emotions. Perhaps this time you are thinking about how to plan for your baby’s birth, your birth choices and how a new sibling will impact the child or children that you already have. This workshop will enable you to feel confident about birth and parenting more than one child.

This 4 hour workshop will cover:

  • Birth preparation (how birth works, comfort measures, birth choices, birth planning)
  • Preparing your child for the arrival of their new sibling
  • The early days with two or more
  • Sibling love and rivalry and tricky behaviour
  • Postnatal Support

Classes also include:

  • Birth planning template
  • Birth journey handouts
  • Preparing your older child handout
  • Postnatal support planning template
  • Access to a birth and parenting book lending library

This course is suitable from approximately 28 weeks of pregnancy. Birth partners are encouraged to attend, however you can also attend by yourself.

Pregnant person with child

Class Details

Date: Saturday 6 August
Cost: £75
Time: 10am – 3pm (with a break for lunch)