Nurtured Early Days Workshop

The fourth trimester workshop is a 5 hour session on a Saturday afternoon. This workshop helps you to feel prepare and ready for the first few weeks of life with a newborn baby and for your time as new parents. We will cover information about sleep, babywearing, baby massage and yoga, calming and soothing techniques, what the first few weeks will be like for you, how to prepare in pregnancy and plan for the support you need for a positive start to your parenting journey.

Classes include:

  • A private Facebook group to ask questions and get support
  • Additional information and links via email after the workshop
  • Access to a postnatal lending library
  • Additional virtual support from Tara during the first few weeks of your parenting journey
  • A postnatal plan template

This workshop is suitable from approximately 34 weeks of pregnancy and is just as useful for you if you already have children or you are a first time parent(s). Partners are encouraged to attend, however you can also attend by yourself.

Whatever your parenting choices are or will be in the future this course is a wonderful way to prepare for your postnatal and parenting journey.

Class Details

Day: Saturday 25 September
Cost: £75
Time: 12 – 5pm