Nurtured Birthing Classes – Week Two

This week we expanded on our learning about the uterus and talked about the impressive cervix, we also began to consider how the balance and symmetry in our bodies might impact the uterus – imagining baby in an equal and balanced hammock, having all the space they need to find their ideal position. The more you tune in to your body the more you will notice if you tend to adopt asymmetrical postures – perhaps sitting with your legs crossed for long periods, standing with one hip dipped or your feet turned out. The more you can begin to auto-correct back to a balanced and symmetrical posture, the more balance we can bring in to your key birthing muscles and your pelvis.

By doing so we aim to create balance in the body, helping baby have both the space they need to find their own ideal position, but also to allow your birthing muscles to work with more efficiency when the time is right for your baby to be born. This week we spoke about the cervix this week and it is worth knowing what is happening to it in labour and how it does a lot more than just dilate. It goes on quite a journey before your cervix is ready for your baby to born. Take a look at some of the resources and links below.

The cervix doesn’t open

How the uterus muscle work to move the cervix up rather than open or dilate.

‘The Impressive Cervix’

The cervix does so much during labour, it is more than just that dilation.

Vaginal Examinations

Why they are not compulsory and not the most effective way of assessing labour.

The Purple Line

The purple line of dilation just one of many ways that labour progress can be assessed.