Nurtured Birthing Resources – Week Three

I can’t believe we are over halfway through this current block of classes already!

The classes are delivered in quite a unique way – one that allows for a deeper learning over time. Learning ‘consciously’ is great of course, but when you slip into established labour and begin to deepen your focus on your breath and your body – ‘conscious’ education is of little use to you! Your birth partner can handle that aspect – your focus is on staying in your own birthing bubble, the zone – focusing on your movements, your breath and your baby.

Learning the movement and active birth principles and intrinsically linking them to your breath allows it to sink deeper into your subconscious mind – arguably it is more like pregnancy yoga and hypnobirthing through movement! This way it is accessible to you when in established labour and the rest of the world melts away!
As your muscle memory deepens, staying active throughout your pregnancy helps to minimise and manage symptoms, your key birthing muscles continue their journey to balance, symmetry, length and flexibility – and of course your breathing techniques and confidence in your body deepens every single week. A confident intuition will come – trusting that on the day your baby is ready to arrive your body will move with ease, your breathing techniques will guide you through every phase of your labour and you will have a deep trust in your bodies natural toolkit for birth.

One of the muscles we have been learning about is the Psoas – The psoas is so key for helping baby to descend during labour and unfortunately for most of us, this pair of muscles is compromised due to high heel wearing, sitting in chairs for long periods and posture in general! When you try and release a shortened muscle in a quick burst, the muscle will react by shortening even more. This is a case of gentle, gradual lengthening over time. You can find out more about the psoas muscle here:

If you are thinking of doing some birth preparation with your birth partner I run a Hypnobirthing course – This is a 8 hour course for you and your birth partner, it is a comprehensive antenatal course and gives you both the space and time to prepare as a team and confidently plan for your baby’s birthing day. I can also do this as a private session if the dates aren’t convenient for you.

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