Nurtured Birthing Classes – Week One

I hope you enjoyed the first class! I’m looking forward to guiding you through classes over the coming weeks, helping you to grow in your knowledge as the progressive education takes you through it step by step.

Having a confident pregnancy and birth, and one that you are absolutely an active participant in – involves both your body and your mind. It involves tapping into muscle memory, layering positive anchors of relaxation and gradually building the knowledge and understanding in such a way as to reconnect with the natural instinct women have in labour.

Classes are designed to gently allow you to slow down, to reconnect with your body as it changes during your pregnancy while flowing through a series of pregnancy yoga and movements that will become very familiar over the course of your weeks in class. All of the poses and movements are designed with a purpose in mind – they are either to help minimise some of the common ailments in pregnancy, to create more balance and symmetry in the body to aid your birthing muscles, or movements you can use in labour itself as you work with your body rather than against it. By combining these movements with an infusion of positive affirmation, education and hypnosis based relaxation we truly begin to allow the education, muscle memory and confidence to grow at a subconscious level – exactly where you will need it on your birthing day.

In week one we learned a bit about the power of the breathe and our first breathing technique – this is a very simple diaphragmatic breath that can quickly and easily allow you to calm, relax and quiet the mind. This simple breath reminds us to breathe down into the abdomen rather than the shallow breaths we often take when we are busy and stressed. You can follow along with this breath as you gently inhale for 4 through the nose and release that breath through a nice soft mouth for a count of 8 – slow and rhythmic.

The more this breath becomes natural during pregnancy, the easier it will be to tap into its benefits in labour. The first week was all about using this breathing technique. Breathing is so important to your pregnancy and your labour. We all do it don’t we, so why learn it again? If you are anything like me, you will find day to day life compromises your breathing into something far more rapid and shallow than what we use in class. We are going to take the time to help you create space in your body and to open your rib cage, so that you can breathe from down low in your tummy, fully and deeply.

I also said I would send you some information about the uterus and how it is a muscle just like any other, its needs key things to keep it free from restriction and able to contract with ease: Oxygen (through breathing and movement), Hydration, Energy.

When we imagine that powerful muscle rising to the peak of each contraction with ease, muscle fibres moving like silken threads – our diaphragmatic breath can help fuel the muscle fibres with oxygen, minimise the release of adrenalin and help prevent the build up of lactic acid that can often make contractions more intense than they need to be. I’ll look forward to helping you deepen your muscle memory, your anchors to relaxation, your centred breath and chatting more about the uterus and the start of the labour journey next week!

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