Nurtured Birthing Resources – Week Five

So week five is all about the powerful transition between the 1st and 2nd stage of labour. Until this phase we had been all about the ‘up’ and now we focus on the ‘down’! All the work that had been put in until this point was helping to facilitate the rising of the muscle fibres in the uterus, drawing the cervix back even more with each contraction…..and then perhaps the pause…..transition, as your body and baby ready themselves for the next stage!

In this phase, adrenaline creeps back into the body at transition as the conscious brain kicks back into gear – this is a powerful tool at this point in labour as an energetic surge is needed for the bearing down stage. The surge in adrenaline can lead you to saying (or shouting) some fairly out of the blue comments such as “I can’t do this anymore!!” or “That’s it – I want to go home!” or even “I need all the DRUGS!!!!!”. This is an amazing moment!!!! While you might not be present enough to know – everyone else in the room can rest assured that baby is nearly here (and reassure you too of course).

It can really help to know that your body has a natural expulsive reflex,  you can choose to soften and release your pelvic floor by keeping the jaw soft and using your breath to make the best use of the dynamic energy available to you are all key aspects of the inbuilt toolkit for birth.

When you follow your body’s urge to bearing down you to tap into all of the benefits of using your breathing and body:

  • You keep breathing!
  • Soft jaw helps the whole body to open
  • Soft jaw helps the pelvic floor to release
  • Oxygenation can help the soft tissues of the perineum expand with ease
  • You can stay in the oxytocin and endorphin releasing state
  • You can be more efficient with your energy
  • You can be more present to the sensations in your body and tune in to your intuition as you move and work with gravity to help nudge baby down and in to your arms.

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