Nurtured Birth and Postnatal Preparation

This 4 or 5 week full birth preparation and early days postnatal course that will provide you with confidence, knowledge and understanding you need to feel positive and excited about the birth of your baby and looking after your new born and knowing what to expect as new parents. You can choose whether to attend the first 4 weeks of just birth preparation or all 5 weeks including preparing for postnatal life.

Over the first 4 weeks you will understand how birth works, be guided on how to use breathing, relaxation, visualisation and hypnobirthing techniques to tap into the body’s innate ability to birth. We will also take a detailed look at your birth rights, choices and help you to have the confidence to liaise with your care providers to make informed choices that feel right for you and your baby.

The last week is focussed on the first few hours, days and weeks post birth, making a postnatal plan, what life might be like as new parents, information about normal new born behaviour, sleep and feeding your baby.

Week One: The Science of Birth – Everything from the birth physiology, to the birth hormones, the mind-body connection, to helping align your baby for birth.

Week Two: Your ‘Hypnobirthing’ toolkit – Hypnobirthing techniques, breathing, visualisation and relaxations as well as making any birth environment your own.

Week Three: Choices and decision making tools – Everything from pain relief options, your choices and birth rights to making interventions a more positive experience.

Week Four: The Birthing journey – The labour and birth journey, from the start of labour to your baby in your arms.

Week Five: Post birth and the first few weeks – What to expect after birth, what life is like being parents, feeding you new baby – Everything from breastfeeding, to combination and responsive bottle feeding and information about infant sleep.

Classes also include:

  • Birth plan template
  • A printable set of birth affirmations
  • Two MP3 hypnobirthing tracks to support your practice during pregnancy
  • A WhatsApp group for peer support
  • Private Facebook group to ask questions, get support and additional benefits
  • Access to a birth book lending library
  • Postnatal plan template
  • Post birth meet up session
  • The perfect place to meet other expectant parents in a positive, supportive environment
  • Discount on birth or postnatal doula services

This course is suitable from approximately 28 weeks of pregnancy and is just as useful for you if you already have children or you are a first time parent(s). Birth partners are encouraged to attend, however you can also attend by yourself.

Whatever your birth choices are or will be in the future this course is a wonderful way to prepare for all types of birth experiences.

Class Details

Day: Wednesdays
Cost: £190 for 4 weeks (birth preparation)
Time: 7 – 9.30pm

Term Dates
Wednesday 1 September – Wednesday 22 September

Class Details

Day: Wednesdays
Cost: £225 for 5 weeks (birth and postnatal preparation)
Times: 7 – 9.30pm (Wednesdays) and 12-5pm (Saturday)

Term Dates
Wednesday 1 September – Wednesday 22 September and Saturday 25 September

“Me and my partner attended the classes with Tara. For me I found learning about labour and breathing techniques, made me feel so much calmer about giving birth. When it actually came to the day when my waters broke and the contractions started I didn’t feel scared at all, I was able to stay calm throughout the whole labouring process. For a first time mum my labour was very quick taking only 6 hours, however I was able to have the water birth I wanted and have a positive birthing experience.” – Rebecca