Pregnant in hot weather

Keeping cool when you are pregnant in hot weather

When it comes to a warm day in the UK we are normal basking in the sun and enjoying every minute of warmer weather. However this may not be the case for anyone who is expecting right now. Not only does pregnancy mean you have a slightly higher body temperature because of the hormone progesterone and increased metabolism you might also find being pregnant in hot weather more of a challenge than normal.  It’s important to take it easy and try to stay cool when pregnant. This is especially true during a heatwave when there is a greater risk of dehydration, heat exhaustion and heatstroke.

I really feel for anyone who is heavily pregnant at this time of year. I was 8 months pregnant in August of 2014, the weight of my bump, plus generally sweating in places I never thought possible I was often wishing for cooler weather.

Pregnant in hot weather

So here are some tips that I found useful with some additional ones from others who are expecting:

  • Eat lots of salads, greens and fruit – the higher water content keeps you well hydrated. My
    favourite is a large slice of water melon!
  • Use a fan and put a bowl of ice or a bottle of iced water in front of it
  • Get out the muslins you bought for your baby and soak them in water and lay them on you
  • Get a kids paddling pool of bowl of water and put your feet in, it will help you keep cool and reduce swelling
  • Make some fruit or lemonade ice lollies
  • Fill a hot water bottle with cool water and cover it over with pillow cases to use at night
  • Keep on drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated
  • Stay in the shade and wear your favourite strappy maxi dress or your swimsuit/bikini while paddling your feet in the paddling pool
  • Get hold of a hand fan or better still you can battery operated ones that also have a fine cool mist
  • Keep windows and blinds/curtains shut in the day and open the windows in the evening when the air is cooler
  • Open your loft hatch as warm air rises and will help keep the house cool
  • Put your wrists under running cold water to cool your pulse points, or use a cool wet towel on your forehead and the back of your neck
  • Have cool shower – not cold as that will send your body into a bit of shock which can constrict blood vessels and so you retain the heat
  • Try to take it easy for an hour a day with your feet higher than your heart. You could prop yourself up with cushions as you lie on the sofa. Gentle foot exercises during the day may also help reduce swelling in your ankles.

Additional Information

You can read more about coping in a heatwave and about heat exhaustion and heat stroke from NHS Choices.

At Nest & Nurture I offer pregnancy yoga classes. If you are expecting come and join our supportive Facebook group